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The Data Centre: First link in the Security chain Print E-mail

Information systems (IS) always more vulnerable:

→ Opening of IS to the internet generates increasing risks with Cloud Computing

→ The Data Centre, integrating the core of the Information System is the most critical link in the chain (I.S. security)


Security: A global approach:

→ Making the Data Centre secure is a fundamental component of the integrity of the IS

→ The security of the Data Centre must integrate both the physical and computing aspects

→ A customized risk analysis is an indispensable step

Activity Resumption Plans to make the processes secure in case of unavailability

→ The Security of the I.S. is a domain of specialists like IPenergy


The physical Security of the infrastructure: analysis and risk management:

→ The natural and environmental risks: implantation strategy

→ Design comprising non-disruptive means of protection over the IT system

→ Management of computer abuse is established by concepts of access, high protection monitoring and traceability

→ The high density of computing equipment means buildings must have a high mechanical resistance